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A huge part of being a Picker Pal is the feeling of being part of a bigger movement of people making the world a better place. That’s where Picker Pals TV comes in. Going out to all Picker Pals classrooms throughout the school year, it’s all about having fun, celebrating everyone’s hard work and educating children about the environment.

Over 1200 classrooms will be enjoying these “TV shows” shows beamed directly to their classroom. The shows, which last 25 minutes, have something for everyone. We always start with Picker Pals News from around the country. Unfortunately some jokes get mixed into the news. “There has been a cheese truck accident in France. The road was littered with the brie (debris…get it? okay not so funny!).
After the news, our Picker Pals TV anchor, Angela introduces us to some environmental facts and findings, usually via her PIcker Pals friends. Her favourite is Tatz the Turtle. This part of the show teaches children about the dangers of litter in the environment.
Next up, we usually have a quiz or some sort of competition. Last year it was the Picker Pals Picture and Poem competition. We also ran The Picker Pals “Give Peas a Chance” Project with children all over the country growing peas and sending us pictures of their pea pots! Exciting times!

And then it’s the main event! Time for one of our very special guests. We’ve had environmentalists, zookeepers, gardeners and Mr Eamonn High, (he’s actually a puppet but please don’t tell him that) from the wonderful studio of Tommy Baker of Your Man’s Puppets.

We got some grrrrreat feedback from teachers around the country. That makes us very happy and grateful to be a part of building such a wonderful community. Here’s what they were saying about Picker Pals TV.

“My class took part in your Zoom TV show yesterday. Firstly, I want to say thank you! The children really enjoyed it and we can’t wait for the next one.”

“Thank you for the brilliant TV show this morning, we really enjoyed it.”

“Thanks so much. The children absolutely loved Picker Pals TV.”

“We really enjoyed Picker Pals TV today. The kids loved the jokes and all the information they learned about litter. Thank you!”

In Other News

In Other News