Let’s Make a Better Future with Picker Pals

Picker Pals deliver the tools and motivation for primary school children, teachers and families to create a better environment for our shared future.

Picker Pals wouldn’t have got anywhere without our supporters. Their vision for a future where change is possible has made our shared journey possible and pleasant.

“Picker Pals was the perfect fit for us. Our team enjoyed learning what they could do to help local children connect with their environment.”

Why is Picker Pals the perfect match for our supporters? As a programme it absolutely works, delivering a powerful message and activity directly to the community, to families and to tens of thousands of children (over 30,000 this year). From our supporters’ point of view, Picker Pals chimes with their own wider goals and values. Supporting Picker Pals is a collaboration not just a donation. We love to work with our supporters to create some magic together.

As a result of this support, Picker Pals has been incredibly well received by 33% of Irish primary schools (that’s a 1,060 schools). We’ve reached this number pretty fast, in only 3 years, and now it’s time to push on and get the remaining 2,180 schools on board. We have a long waiting list of schools crying out to join in the fun. Your support can make this happen and as far as we are concerned, it’s a case of the more the merrier when it comes to cleaning up communities and shifting societal norms. It’s urgently needed, that’s for sure.

So what sort of supporters are we looking for? Well, we are seeking visionary organisations whose values, products, services and ethos align with our own. They want to make a real difference in communities today and secure a place in the hearts and minds of people across the country for years ahead. We are of course aware that we’re attractive to serial polluters trying to greenwash their lucre but we aren’t going to be going there however tempting it sometimes is.

We like working with partners to bring about learning and change within their organisations. Our ideal partners are organisations that we can have fun with, communicate well with and who we can bring value to but who, at the end of the day, allow us to get on with our mission of delivering the programme, making the world better and creating a splash (a.k.a a generation of environmentally aware people). Finally, we would like to share the love with a variety of organisations rather than just a few enormous faceless corporations. Having said that, faceless corporations are very welcome to get in touch.

“The positive Picker Pals experience has energised our CSR programme, our colleagues and our communities. We had a lot of fun and we’ll be back.”

can improve and embed Picker Power in your organisation’s culture. So get in touch and let’s talk about what we can do for each other and how we can get that 67% on board. Let’s not keep 60,000 children and their families waiting!

In Other News

In Other News