How Picker Pals Works

Our FREE programme has been a huge hit with schools and supporters this year.

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1. The Picker Pod Arrives

Books for everyone in the class, a beautiful classroom display, teacher’s information and the fantastic Picker Pack containing everything needed for a litter-picking adventure.

2. Stories and Activities

Children read the storybooks, engage with the world of the Picker Pals characters, sing the Picker Pals song and do the environmental learning activities in the Funbook.

3. Family Litter-Picking Adventures

Taking it in turns, children take home the Picker Pack and lead their family on a litter-picking adventure in their local area. A fun bonding experience making a real difference on the ground.

4. Sharing Achievements

Returning to school, the children tell their classmates and school community about their actions, completing their Picker Pals reports, decorating the display wall and giving and getting lots of positive feedback for their actions.

5. Celebrating Creativity

Competitions and prizes keep up the enjoyment and engagement throughout the year. We encourage our Picker Pals community to write, draw and create their own stories.

6. Building Community

We keep in touch via social media, our newsletter and the popular Picker Pals TV shows where we all get together and celebrate our community.