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Programme Materials

All the support you need to run the Picker Pals Programme

Calendar 2023-24

Picker Pals Song Lyrics

Picker Pals Song Audio

Fun, Motivation and More

Fun for everyone. Badges, cards, campaigns and posters

Colouring Book

Butt Free Zone Poster

Dot to Dot Challenge

Thank You Cards

Reward Badges

Reward & Game Points

Christmas Colouring A4

Behavioural Change Report

Picker Pals Learning

Our environmental and language learning curriculum

Picker Pals English

Picker Pals World

Course Chart



Recycling & the DRS

Reducing What You Use

Love Your Place

Reusing & the Circular Economy

Make a Difference

The SDG's


Analysing & Interpreting

Investigating & Experimenting

Analysing & Recording Patterns


Estimating & Measuring


Geographic Investigation - Observation

Recording & Communicating

Geographic Investigation - Questioning