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Free Resources

Story Competition

Comórtas Scéalaíochta

Story Competition: Templates

Comórtas Scéalaíochta: Teimpléidí

Picker Pals Christmas 2022

Picker Pals
Happy Christmas Colouring

Art Competition 2022

Comortas Ealaiona 2022

Important dates for the Picker Pals 2022-23 school year

Picker Pals TV episodes, meet-ups, competitions and more.

Dátaí Tábhachtacha na Picker Pals 2023

Eagráin Picker Pals TV, cruinnithe beo, comórtaisí & tuilleadh.

12 Motivational Mini Poster Pack

Put these up in your classroom or share with children and their families any way and anyhow you communicate with them.

Butt Free Zone Campaign Poster

For your local shop, cafe or library. Make your local community a Butt Free Zone.

Litter-picking Safety Information

Important information on how to litter-pick safely. This is a back-up copy of the Safety Information in the Picker Pack and Teacher’s Guide.

Picker Pals Craft Corner - A Newspaper Seed Pot

Eliya from Seed Scholars shows us how to create a biodegradeable and fun to make seed pot in minutes. A nice thing to send home or use for growing in the classroom.

Picker Pals Old Sails Poster

We make PIcker Packs at the Rediscovery Centre from the upcycled fabric of dinghy sails. Share this poster with your sailing friends or send to your local sailing club.

Picker Pals Programme Components

Everything in the programme and what it’s all for.

Picker Pals Report Album Cover

Print this out and stick it on the front of your class PIcker Pals Report Album. You’ll have a wonderful record of your class’s PIcker Pals year.

Picker Pals COVID Guidelines Pack

Picker Pals Survey Results 2020-21

Picker Pals had a great year in 2020-21. See all the nice things that people said about us in our annual survey.

Picker Pals Thank You Cards

Print these out and give them to Picker Pals who have completed their family litter-picking adventure. Not to fall into the wrong hands!

Picker Pals Motivation Badges Pack

Fun badges for the door of your classroom, to share with students, put on your school blog or website or send to parents to say thanks for being Picker Pals.

The Picker Pals Song

Use these audio files to make your own Picker Pals Song Videos. Karaoke version included! We’d love to see how you get on!

How Picker Pals Works - PDF Guide

A handy guide to being a successful Picker Pals classroom.

The Picker Pals Song Lyrics

Print this song sheet out or project it on the whiteboard as your class sings the Picker Pals Song together.

Amhrán na bPicker Pals

Bain sult as amhrán na bPicker Pals a chanadh le chéile!

Picker Pals Sult Leabhar

Cupla leathanach as an Sult Leabhar díobh do Seachtain na Gaeilge

Students will have fun with this 2022 Picker Pals Schools Activity Sheet

Picker Pals Map 2022 Treasure Hunt