Picker Pals have worked closely with ESW since they generously sponsored the roll-out of the programme in 200 classrooms in 2020-21. We were even happier when we heard that this support will be increased in 2021-22. ESW’s interaction with the programme has been engaging and energetic. 

As part of their graduate project, the ESW team have thought closely about how they can be catalysts for change “through their enthusiasm, energy and persistence”. Although there was the obstacle of the pandemic, pairs of graduates went out picking and we supported two small scale park clean-ups – one in Malahide where our founder Patrick met and picked with ESW tem member, Shanan Lynch and one in Marley Park where Picker Pals Manager, Angela Kenny got busy with the help of some eager graduates, going out picking and reporting their actions. ​​




Lauren Bannon wrote up her litter-pick of Steeplechase Green in Ratoath. Colin Bond identified the Lucan Demesne as an area that needed some TLC due to the high volume of traffic and the proximity of a Maxol, McDonalds and another takeaway restaurant 150m from the entrance to the park. James O’Boyle undertook a number of litter-picks in Bushy Park, Rathfarnam Village and the Ballycullen GAA pitches. Mohit Kaushik rolled his sleeves up and got picking at the heavily littered Grand Canal Dock. Aileen Ryan picked up litter along the Dodder River, bringing her dogs with her to kill two birds with one stone. Shanan Lynch got busy in Malahide and Nigel Guven decided to deal with Howth on a sunny day where there is always plenty to do. Last but not least, Tze Fei Kok. We’ll leave you with his own words

I chose to litter pick on a Monday morning because even though we are in the middle of a lockdown, I knew people still would have gone drinking on the weekend. I managed to collect around half a garbage bag full of empty cans and bottles. I feel people need to take responsibility for their actions, especially if it’s something as simple as choosing whether to throw your garbage in a bin… or in our river. More needs to be done when it comes to educating young people about the consequences to the environment of leaving behind their bottles and packaging, and I think the Picker Pals initiative will play a part in educating the current and future generations about such issues. Overall, I am just glad I could play my small part in cleaning up my locality and helping protect the local wildlife.

Thank you, ESW. We look forward to the next phase in our litter-picking, environmental and educational adventure together.


In Other News

In Other News