A unique behavioural change opportunity.

Image credit: Padraig O’Reilly has kindly supplied the image free of charge for use with this press release and blog post.

As sure as sunburn and sore heads after a sunny weekend in Ireland, is the litter in our parks and on our beaches. Then comes the ‘shock’ and ‘horror’ headlines and outrage across the airwaves. 

We believe this is an opportunity for reflection, in some way we are facilitating this behaviour. We are disconnecting from our environments, our communities and from each other.

Of course the litter is solved by the brilliant people of the county councils and public enthusiasts. But what are we doing to really change the core behaviour.

Picker Pals believes that by encouraging environmental stewardship in primary schools, we can change the future for the better. Currently running year round in 1,400+ primary schools across the country, this programme is creating new generations of smart, connected advocates for the environment. What’s more, they bring the programme home and are taking family and friends out on litter picks in their local area. Over 170,000 litter picks to date!

The Picker Pals programme has been designed to deliver deep and sustained behavioural change for the primary participants while also affecting peers, family and the broader community.

Behavioural change is supported by six key pillars

1. Multimodal Learning

2. Real World, Action-based Learning 

3. Boosting Engagement through Responsibility

4. Fun – The Ultimate Motivator!

5. Embedding Behaviour through Personalised Storytelling

6. Community and the Positive Feedback Loop 

We believe that with education and action, we can change how new generations will enjoy their environments.

And ‘shock horror’, have a load of fun doing it.

Consider supporting this version of our future.

We are looking for visionary organisations and businesses who want to make a real difference in communities.

Talk to us about supporting the programme in 10-50-100 schools, locally, regionally or nationally.

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In Other News